What We Do

As Able and Upon Review of Application Process, Operation Exodus USA Offers:

  • Grant Gifts:
    • For individuals/families used for shipping costs, internal flights, etc.
    • Through Friends of Israel Scouts, Inc.
    • For families/students to attend Naale Elite Academy.
    • Grants to Habonim Dror program.
  • Ulpan:
    • Ulpan Vouchers for classes at Ha-Ulpan, http://ha-ulpan.org/ in NYC.
    • Free Pimsleur in Hebrew downloads for levels 1 and 2.

Please be advised that we are unable to assist an individual or family with more than one of the above.

All recipients receive the contact details of our Jerusalem Office along with a going away gift Aliyah bag.

Less tangibly, we offer words of support and encourage in phone calls and email communications. Also, we pray for the Aliyah and absorption, by first name only, of each and all we can assist using a team of 850+ committed prayer partners.

We are continually exploring new ways in which to assist in Aliyah and absorption from the USA.

  • Israel Office:
    • Assisting Immigrants to settle in Israel
    • Staff in our Jerusalem office continue to reach out to the Olim who are in need. We are there to bring hope to those who find themselves in difficulties with finding the money for meals or paying the latest utility bill. We give support, encouragement, and advice to those needing information about the next step in completing their absorption process in Israel.
    • See more at Jerusalem Office