Thank god, we are doing really well.  Our kids have adjusted beautifully here to life in Israel, learning Hebrew and making friends quickly.  They not only speak the language but have adapted culturally.  My husband and I have both been able to find work for ourselves and are also involved in worthwhile projects in our communities and beyond.  In addition to our jobs, Daniel is helping an organization that helps families with kids at-risk and I am involved in a local women's musical theater production that puts on biblically-inspired shows to enrich and strengthen the community in these difficult times.  Our home has also become everything we have dreamed of - we have hosted a regular stream of guests from all over the world - not just our family and friends, but welcoming students looking for a place for Shabbat, converts, Christians, Muslims, and Jews.  We do appreciate the help that Operation Exodus gave us at the beginning of our Aliyah journey, and we definitely feel that your support played an important role in our successful Aliyah and integration in Israel.  Please stay in touch!