“We have arrived straight to the war last July... It was horrified... We sat in the shelters the whole summer....Then we started to live finally. We rented an apartment in Ranana and signed the kids to school. We appreciate the weather so much and the family. My dad used to come every day to help and visit. It was wonderful to see them on a daily bases finally.

Then on May 3rd. Our life have changed forever. My dear father, woke up to work at 5 am. He fell on the floor with cardiac arrest and passed away.  What can I tell you, at least I'm glad I had this 10 months. The kids are happy here and I know the decision to come to Ranana was a fine decision...
The weather here most of the year is beautiful...  Never lets me down.  

Again my Dear thank you for your help, thoughts and prayers.
May GOD, make peace on earth... ”