“We must be on the same wavelength! Right after I wrote that email to you I decided to go check the mailbox and sure enough it was there. I can't thank you enough.

In Hebrew there is a word that I am sure you have heard before, called Mitzvah. A mitzvah is a good deed but more than just that. It's going above and beyond with a selfless act. Jewish people live their lives with the notion that the more mitzvahs you perform the more G-d will bless you. I have to tell you that what you did for us by helping us with this move means more than I can express in words. It is the ultimate Mitzvah. 

It's not easy asking for help and being in a position where you are desperate for it, in fact it's very humbling. But when something like this is done for you, you are motivated to pass on the kindness and pay it forward. It also gives me a good feeling inside to know that there are people like you and organizations like yours in this world that are there solely to help people who need it. I know you help lots of people and get thank you's all the time, but I need you to know that my thank you comes straight from the heart and for my husband and me this is more than just financial help, for us it means being there for our children and grandchildren and not missing one more minute of their lives. Life is too short and we must make every minute count.

Thank you again Kathy! I wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year that brings you and your family together in happiness.”