Watch Video - “From the time I was a small child, I have always had this extremely deep connection to Israel……..After I finished Yeshiva and went to public high school, I began to lose touch with my true Israeli identity. It almost felt as if I was taking my nationality for granted. This weekend, I am graduating college with a Bachelor’s Degree and am seeing all of my friends be welcomed by their new jobs, apartments, etc. But to me, joining the IDF and serving, giving back to my country, to my family, is something that I never imagined that I would be doing at this point. Making Aliyah is something that is extremely hard to explain to those who don't fully understand, just as is serving in the IDF. For me, I know that living in Israel and spending the next years and years to come during the beginning of my mature phase of my adulthood is something that I truly cannot wait for. This is something that if I did not end up doing it, I know I would regret for a very long time.”