I always say the day I made Aliyah felt as good as my wedding day will probably feel.  I felt in love, (with the land) happy, cared for, and most of all, everything felt right and waited for. After I landed, things only got better.

While I took some time acclimating in Israel, perfecting my Hebrew, and making connections with warm Israeli families, I was also getting ready to draft to the IDF - something that also felt so right.  Four months later, I was in my olive green uniform holding my m-16 training to be a combat shooting instructor.  Oddly enough, as I was put four hours in a guarding booth not allowed to do anything but watch, I felt ‘how lucky I am.’

I am now nine months in the army teaching iron dome soldiers different weaponry and shooting techniques.  During tough and easy times, I could not be more satisfied.  Not just that I am serving my country, but also that I am surrounded by the people and the language that I know is my own.  I am taking on cultural habits and philosophies that I always longed to have.  Sure it can be difficult to be far away from my family and friends, but there is something so warm and welcoming about Israel that it's probably the only country that can repair that difficultly.”