told you that I would contact you once we were settled in Israel. So ... here I am. We arrived on Dec 15th as did our first shipment. The second part arrived quite a while later as it shipped later. In addition, as it was only a partial it had to wait for others to fill a container before it even shipped.  We moved to a settlement in the area called the West Bank. It is beautiful here and there are many fully developed Jewish settlements (they are towns, really). All the settlements are built on hilltops. There are, of course, Arab towns as well, but most of the area is undeveloped land with hills...Everything is green.  Travelling through it is amazing.  It took me months to unpack and reorganize the boxes with the stuff that we do not have room for (mostly extra things I brought to use over the years ...). I opened every box and separated thoroughly so that I can find things easily when I need them. My son had his bar mitzvah last month. It was nice ... He worked hard and was able to read from the Torah ... learning only in 3 months or so what normally takes a relaxed year. He did very well. We had a small party. Was worried Because I Had he been with all of His friends in NY since he Was 4 years old and does not know many here ... but  boys from His grade came and danced and made ​​it very nice.  All of the boys are getting some help in school.  They seem perfectly happy here (while we all miss the familiarity of New York).  It is nice living near my family again (well, it's an hour away, but that's closer than NY! :)    ). Thanks so much again for your help! Be well..