Maryn“I went on IsraeLinks in the summer of 2014, right in the beginning of the war. We landed the morning the bodies of the three kidnapped boys were found and we left the night of ground invasion. My experience that summer is one I will never forget. My group and I hid in bomb shelters, ran at the sound of sirens and visited graves, but every single day we celebrated our lives as Jews. It didn’t matter that we were in Israel during a war or that we couldn’t leave the hotel because it was too dangerous, we were just happy to be in the Holy Land. I know that Israel is my home. I can feel it in my soul. I know that I want to be an IDF soldier. I want to help protect a country that I love with all of my heart. I want to protect Israel so future generations can visit the Holy Land and feel that same connection that I felt and still feel to this day. I cannot wait to move to Israel and start my life there. I can see a future, a family and so much happiness in the coming years. A future where my husband is Jewish and my children are raised Jewish. My children won’t have to ask me to go to synagogue on a Friday night because we’ll be able to go to the Kotel and pray at the wall.”