Our Purpose, Vision, & Values

Our Purpose

Operation Exodus USA assists Jewish people to immigrate to Israel and encourages Christians to help.

Our Vision

We believe G-d is drawing the Jewish people back to the Land of Israel from the USA and other nations in fulfillment of biblical prophecy (Isaiah 43:5-6), and that the Gentiles are called to assist in their return (Isaiah 49:22).  So we will assist immigrants with the immigration process through prayer, encouragement and financial support.

Our Values

Godly Character

  • We will fulfill this mandate while demonstrating Godly character.


  • We will work in partnership with the Jewish community and the Church.


  • We will honor and treat with dignity those we assist and those we work alongside.

Courageous Service

  • We will assist and serve with courage, remaining steadfast to our purpose, regardless of circumstantial pressures.