Watch Video - “I have wanted to make Aliyah for a number of years now, I was fortunate to go on the Alexander Muss High School program last year, for four months. I felt completely at home there and can't imagine wanting to live anywhere else. It is the apex (or Aliyah) for a Jew to come home.  Why would someone who loves being Jewish and loves his fellow Jews, want to live anywhere else?  I was very close with an Uncle growing up who was an Auschwitz survivor. If there would have been an Israel, millions of precious Jewish lives would have been saved.  I want to be a member of the IDF and citizen of Israel for all the souls who cried out and were not heard.  What great fortune do I have, to be born in an age where there is a State of Israel, I can defend my homeland, plant my seed, and raise fellow Zionists.”