After Aliyah


“I am privileged to write about my experiences in what can only be described as a HaMakom HaKodish, which means a sacred place in Hebrew.

I returned to Israel in February 2016, first to Tzfat to “land” surrounded by many friends, and eventually to Haifa.  I came to Haifa knowing only one person, Rabbi Naama, a lovely woman who plays a leadership role at the synagogue where I belong, Ohel Avraham (Abraham’s Tent), and as one of the rabbis at the Leo Baeck School in Haifa.


Thank you for everything! It's been an amazing journey thus far. We have been settling in with such amazing people surrounding us. We are finally home! The boys are loving their new school and making new friends as my husband, brother and I are. There is another article that just recently came out. I would love for you to read and share. It's ok.


told you that I would contact you once we were settled in Israel. So ... here I am. We arrived on Dec 15th as did our first shipment. The second part arrived quite a while later as it shipped later. In addition, as it was only a partial it had to wait for others to fill a container before it even shipped.  We moved to a settlement in the area called the West Bank.


I am, thank God, doing well here in Jerusalem. In the year and a half since I moved here, I've been lucky enough to make some good friends and start working. I just moved into a new apartment with roommates, and things are going really well.  Thank you again for your support.”


Things are going well here.  The kids are acclimatizing well to school and their new environment.  With the current terrorist activity it has been a little harder.  I just hope that everyone in the USA understands the difficulties that Israelis are having in the current uncertain climate. Just yesterday 3 people were killed by terrorist right outside the old city in Jerusalem.  This is a place that I have walked hundreds of times.


We have settled in quite well.  Avigayle (Peggy) and I are both working and staying busy.  We have made many friends and are in a continuous learning mode. The help that you gave us enabled us to get established in the community without stressing over finances.


Thank god, we are doing really well.  Our kids have adjusted beautifully here to life in Israel, learning Hebrew and making friends quickly.  They not only speak the language but have adapted culturally.  My husband and I have both been able to find work for ourselves and are also involved in worthwhile projects in our communities and beyond.


Thanks for following up with me. Everything is ok, my family is really grateful for all you did for us, it is such a relief to think that people like you are on earth to help thousands of families like ours make the move. Life is not so easy as in the US but our gain is unlimited compared to our losses.


Thank God, this has been an incredible year for me and my family.  While there has been a tremendous amount of adjustment for all of us, it's been such a rewarding experience and we couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

Keith & Family

“We are settled in here in Rehovot.  We found great friends and schools for the kids.  Many people have moved here since we came last summer so we feel it was a good choice.  I continue to work and speak at conferences around the world and will finally get to speak in Jerusalem at an upcoming event.  We appreciate your help in helping us move to Israel and if we can help you at any time let me know.”