After Aliyah


“All is great here, thank G-d. Coming up on 18 months since my Aliyah. After finishing ulpan hebrew classes for 6 months, I got my first job for an Israeli advocacy organization and then moved on to an organization that helps special needs children in Jerusalem. I was there for 6 months and left on amicable terms to pursue a long-time passion- real estate sales.

Dana & Family

“We have arrived straight to the war last July... It was horrified... We sat in the shelters the whole summer....Then we started to live finally. We rented an apartment in Ranana and signed the kids to school. We appreciate the weather so much and the family. My dad used to come every day to help and visit. It was wonderful to see them on a daily bases finally.


“I'm in a 5-month intensive Hebrew program and after only three months, I am happy to inform you that I now have a wonderful command of basic Hebrew.  Operation Exodus' help has allowed me to focus on learning the language, which I believe is essential to assimilating to Israeli society.  At the end of my Hebrew program, I plan to live and work in Tel Aviv.  Thank you again for wonderful gift that you and your organization provide.”

Joshua, Yehudit & Family

"I want to express my sincere appreciation for your very generous gift which helped us move to Israel. We arrived in Israel 7 weeks ago. We received our lift and are still getting settled. Thank G-d, my wife and I are very happy, and our children are adjusting beautifully to their new home. Thank you, again"


Elisheva’s little Akiva

Elisheva’s little Akiva, home in Israel. "I wanted to email you to say thank you, again, for the help you provided for our lift. We've been in Israel for almost two months now, and things are going well, Thank G-d!  Akiva has cut two bottom teeth and is rolling around everywhere - a very happy baby.  Thank you so much to you and to your organization for helping us transition more smoothly into life here in Israel!


Ilana blog. Ever since the age of six, when I landed in Israel and kissed the ground for the first time, something inside of me was stirred, and I have forever dreamt of making Aliyah since that moment. Over the years, my love of Israel, the Jewish people, Hebrew, and Israeli culture and lifestyle have only grown.


We are doing great thank you for contacting us, it has been a year full of emotions and slowly getting more adapted to our new country."



I always say the day I made Aliyah felt as good as my wedding day will probably feel.  I felt in love, (with the land) happy, cared for, and most of all, everything felt right and waited for. After I landed, things only got better.


Thank God, this has been an incredible year for me and my family.  While there has been a tremendous amount of adjustment for all of us, it's been such a rewarding experience and we couldn't imagine living anywhere else.