Natan Sharansky

Watch Video - "You and your colleagues at Ebenezer (Operation Exodus) are true friends of the Jewish Agency, and the ongoing partnership that exists between our two Organizations at both an Organizational and personal level is important to all of us. Your tireless work, dedication and support for Aliyah enables us to continue this important work."

Rabbi Tuly

"Aliyah is one of the greatest things a Jew can do today. We have been praying for thousands of years to return to the Land of Israel and our generation is finally, miraculously, privileged to be able to live the dream. Perhaps an even greater miracle than that, is that so many Christians from around the world are trying to help us and partner with the Jewish people in rebuilding the Land and assisting Jews in moving there.

Barry Spielman

Barry Spielman"... As I ponder the challenging times ahead, given the growing threat from our enemies in the Middle East, I take great comfort in knowing that Operation Exodus USA is a friend of Israel, but more importantly, that it shares our goal and commitment to bring any Jew, from anywhere in the world, back to their ancient homeland, Israel.

Liran Avisar

Liran AvisarWatch Video - "On behalf of the Aliyah Department of the Jewish Agency for Israel, I want to thank you for your help in encouraging Aliyah from North America.  Your contributions have assisted us in critical projects, in particular the production of Aliyah fairs, which attracted thousands of prospective immigrants interested in moving 

Yair Ran

Watch Video - "In the last two years I had the privilege to lead the Lone soldier’s Aliya program, Garin Tzabar, and I had the privilege to meet good people like you and the amazing Zionist Organization you represent. Your community and the "Operation Exodus USA"  is a powerful thing for us, an important organization that supports us, helps us practically, and morally. Thank you very much for that!"