Why Aliyah? From Their Perspective


Watch Video - “I have dreamed of moving to Aliyah since I was 16 years old. Originally from San Antonio, I grew up as the oldest of four kids in a traditional Jewish home. I am graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with degrees in journalism and Middle Eastern studies. I'm making Aliyah in June and enlisting into the army shortly after.


Watch Video - “I have wanted to make Aliyah for a number of years now, I was fortunate to go on the Alexander Muss High School program last year, for four months. I felt completely at home there and can't imagine wanting to live anywhere else.


Watch Video - “From the time I was a small child, I have always had this extremely deep connection to Israel……..After I finished Yeshiva and went to public high school, I began to lose touch with my true Israeli identity. It almost felt as if I was taking my nationality for granted.


Watch Video - “I am making Aliyah simply because I have a huge desire to make Israel my home.  I believe that Israel is the Jewish homeland and that every Jew should one day seek to make it his home.


Yonatan “I feel I have more opportunities to accomplish all the things I want to do in my life and to live a Jewish life, whereas living in Hawaii is very limited for me. The main reason is that I feel it is God leading me to be Home!!! I think there is a purpose for me to be in Israel!”


Yonatan“All my life I was raised to believe in the state of Israel and our need to protect it from harm. Now that I am graduating High School, I believe it is my obligation to take an active part in protecting my homeland, head back to Israel, volunteer and join the Israeli Defense Force for military service. I have therefore pushed off my college studies till I complete my military service.”


Larisa“…….I am Jewish and want to live in Israel.”


Eric“I am a very open to different cultural experiences. Currently studying Hebrew which will be my 5th language in addition to Russian, English, Spanish, and German. My family came to the USA as refugees from the former Soviet Union in 1988. Several members of my family were victims of the Holocaust and my grandmother was a survivor. I believe that as a Jew, it is my duty to protect my homeland so that I will have the right to live in it.

Lauren and family

Lauren and family“We are an orthodox Jewish family with 5 young children. We believe very strongly that the Jewish people belong in Israel and feel that making this move is vital for the future of our family. Our oldest child is 8 years old, so it is even more important that we go now so that we can have the greatest chance of our children smoothly integrating into Israeli society.”


Ron“I came to Israel for the first time in 2011 at the end of my freshman year of college. I immediately became enthralled in the country and the society. When I returned home to my University, I became extremely active in the Jewish community there, looking for any and every way to become involved with Israel and return there. For three years, I dreamt of making Aliyah after I graduated and received my degree.